Comprehensive General Liability Claims

Black Sutherland LLP offers insurance defence services for claims that arise under comprehensive general liability (CGL) policies. In particular, the firm’s lawyers have extensive construction industry claims experience, handling complex issues involving contractors, subcontractors and material providers. In addition to this specific area, the firm provides advocacy in defence of all claims advanced by businesses under CGL contracts.

Assertive & Knowledgeable Advocacy In CGL Defence

The insurance defence litigators at Black Sutherland LLP are recognized for their assertive and strong representation. The firm’s philosophy is to remain loyal defenders of clients’ positions and to fully advance their legal rights. This steadfast approach tends to achieve positive results for clients. Additionally, the firm’s lawyers have the knowledge to litigate complicated matters that include:

  • Vendor or employee on-site injury claims
  • Off-site injury claims as a result of employee negligence
  • Property damage claims
  • Construction law insurance litigation
  • Builder or developer negligence
  • Construction service contractor negligence
  • Material defects such as “leaky condos”

Black Sutherland LLP’s lawyers have the industrial knowledge to handle niche claims such as those involved in property development. The relationship between builders and contractors on a development project is often complex and adds an additional complication to a CGL claim defence.

Lawyers Practicing In This Discipline