Residential & Commercial Real Estate Law

Real property transactions are significant financial investments for businesses and individuals. Guarding against risks is an important part of the work done by real estate lawyers on behalf of buyers, sellers, developers and other parties to ensure that their financial and legal interests are protected. With this legal assistance, parties can proceed with confidence in the sale or lease and with a full understanding of what it means for their family or company.

Black Sutherland LLP is a respected Toronto firm that maintains a substantial real estate and municipal law practice. The firm’s lawyers are detail-oriented and knowledgeable about the evolving Ontario real estate market and municipal matters and their impact on clients. The firm serves a diverse client base of developers, homeowners, commercial landlords, tenants, builders and other participants in the real estate industry. Black Sutherland LLP is particularly well suited to represent clients in complex and large-scale transactions.

Trusted Advisers For Complex Transactions

Real estate lawyers are important advisers not only in the completion of commercial leases or agreements of purchase and sale. Upon considering a property purchase, it is sensible to hire a lawyer who can provide on going advice throughout all stages of the transaction. This includes the important implications of the offer to purchase and the removal of conditions, property inspections and mortgages.

The firm’s municipal work includes all matters related to policy planning, development and licensing approvals, expropriation, local government regulations, land use regulations and public policy, among others.

This work is closely related to the firm’s business and corporate law practice. Black Sutherland LLP is equipped to handle the tangential aspects of commercial real estate, including zoning applications, bylaw interpretation and development permits for new projects. The firm advises on financing, including institutional lending and real estate-backed securities.

Lawyers Practicing In This Discipline