Recreational Vehicle Accidents Litigation

Negligence actions that involve recreational vehicles are subject to specific legislation in Ontario. For this and other reasons, these legal claims are unlike car accident litigation and constitute a specialized area of legal practice. Defence against recreational vehicle accident claims is rarely straightforward and requires the assistance of experienced lawyers.

Black Sutherland LLP is a well-established insurance defence firm in Toronto. It has the specific practice experience required in accident claims that involve vehicles not covered by the Highway Traffic Act. The firm’s lawyers recognize that these cases are not ordinary negligence claims and must be handled by taking into account the unique legal nuances.

Knowledgeable Representation In Specialized Accident Claims

Black Sutherland LLP’s history goes back to the 1920s. Over the ensuing decades, the firm’s lawyers have represented clients in a variety of negligence claims, having built a substantial track record of work in niche areas. Specifically, the firm’s counsel have defended against negligence claims under the Off-Road Vehicles Act and Marine Liability Act, involving vehicles such as:

  • Snowmobiles
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • Trail bikes
  • Boats

As part of this work and its defence practice in other kinds of personal injury such as motor vehicle accident and occupiers’ liability, Black Sutherland LLP has handled trial defence in cases with complex issues of causation and liability. Often, the cases involve serious physical injury and counsel are required to navigate complicated medical and technical evidence.

Clients of the firm trust its lawyers to provide representation that strives for results. Working towards those results is a key objective of the firm.

Lawyers Practicing In This Discipline