Liquor Licensing Law

Black Sutherland LLP is a leader in liquor licensing, combining expertise in land use planning and business licensing to provide a one-stop solution for clients looking to establish their hospitality enterprise in Ontario. As the only Canadian member of the American Alliance of Alcohol Industry Attorneys and Consultants, Black Sutherland LLP can assist entry both from and to the 50 states and was selected by Starbucks to initiate its Evenings Program entry into Canadian alcohol service.

Black Sutherland LLP has facilitated licensing capacities from 40 to 40,000: including cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, stadiums and festival grounds. Significant premises licensed include the Phoenix Concert Hall, Pan Am Centre, Canadian Tire Centre and Burl’s Creek Event Grounds. Having regard to its unique experience, Black Sutherland LLP assisted in licensing Roger Place in Edmonton. Through high-level dialogue with regulatory officials, Black Sutherland LLP has proposed and achieved flexible service permissions for various capacities and unique spaces.

Black Sutherland LLP also assists its clients with compliance issues raised by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. This includes the preparation of compliance plans and negotiating resolution of regulatory offences at the AGCO or the Provincial Offences Court. Sound impacts on residential areas from patios and music events are an increasing area of conflict and no firm has greater experience in managing and resolving these disputes.

Significant changes are anticipated in the regulation of the manufacture, distribution and sale of alcohol. The same is expected upon the legalization of cannabis. Black Sutherland LLP is ahead of the game in understanding and preparing for these changes.

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