Product Liability Litigation

Black Sutherland LLP defends clients in product liability litigation in Ontario. The firm has a well-established insurance defence practice and serves a diverse client base of manufacturers, designers, distributors and other product liability defendants.

Product liability litigation involves scientific and technical evidence and complex legal issues of causation. The design and composition of the product are often of great importance in each case. Successful defence therefore requires not only legal skill, but also a comfort level with complicated subject matter.

Experienced Counsel For Complicated Liability Disputes

Black Sutherland LLP are noted trial lawyers who often appear before juries. The firm’s strong track record is based in part on its success in product liability cases involving consumer products and companies in Ontario. There are no restrictions on the types of materials that may be the subject of litigation, but a partial list includes:

  • Varnishes, finishes and paints
  • Household oil spills
  • Cleaning products
  • Silicon housing materials
  • Housing fixtures and appliances
  • Construction and building materials
  • Heavy and industrial equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Children’s playground equipment
  • Consumer products

Each of these product categories is unique. Superior skills in research, witness questioning and broad-based investigation contribute to the firm’s ability to mount a successful client defence.

Clients of the firm expect loyal and assertive representation from legal counsel. Black Sutherland LLP meets this expectation by providing tenacious litigation services. While acting with professionalism and integrity, the firm’s lawyers are formidable advocates in court and in private negotiations.

Lawyers Practicing In This Discipline